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WIG Anime Long Full Bang Katen KyouKotsu DkPu

WIG Anime Long Full Bang Katen KyouKotsu DkPu

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Long full bang with curly bunches

Katen KyouKotsu

Great for clowning too!

Katen Kyoukotsu (花天狂骨)
Katen Kyoukotsu's spirit takes the form of two women. One is a tall, purple-haired woman with a red ribbon around her neck and an eye patch covering her right eye. She wears an indigo cape with a skull imprint on it and a long, dark dress that flows to reveal her cleavage (much like Rangiku Matsumoto). Her clothing resembles that of a oiran, which is a high-class Japanese courtesan. She also wears a golden bone headdress. The second is revealed later, and is dressed in dark, close-fitting clothes. Katen Kyōkotsu states that she has grown bored of Shunsui's "dull" nature after being around him for so long.

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