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Vendor Requests

If you would like Sniffles Clown Supplies / Clown to set up at your event as a vendor please feel free to contact us. 

Please keep in mind we are a small shop and this limits the time we can take away and still maintain an acceptable level of customer service. With that being said, we cannot take on every event and have to look at many factors such as time away as the schedule is developed. 

Please contact us at the following email:

Please provide the following information:

Date, Name and Address of the event 

Dates requested to setup / sell (for example some events are Thursday thru Sunday but the vendors are requested to setup Thursday evening and sell Friday and Saturday morning) 

Contact Name, Phone Number and Email

Amount of space available and if tables are provided

Any specific product requests - Shoes, Noses, Makeup, Facepaint, Balloons, etc.

Would you like a seminar to be taught? Sniffles offers seminars on the following: Makeup, Face Painting, Beginner Balloons, Skit writing and execution, Clown Etiquette, How to Pick your Nose, Costuming on a budget, and much more.  Just ask if it isn't listed.  

Number of expected attendees as this allows us to judge how much to bring.