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Prop Foam Letters & Shapes Pun E Story

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You can make up your own story or use this sample...

Once upon a time there lived a Princess named Eunice Desnifflefit.
She wasn't very happy that everyone was calling her HEY YOU (Letter U)
So she told everyone she wanted to be called DEE (Letter D)

One day DEE (Letter D) decided to have a picnic in the park.  
It was a very long walk, and DEE (Letter D) was was very hungry and READY (Red E) for lunch.  DEE (Letter D) sat down and opened her basket of wonderful GOODIES. (Any E)

Inside she found a BROWNIE (Brown E) , GREEN PEAS (Green P), and GRAVY (Grey V) She was so hungry she ATE (8) & ATE (8) & ATE (8) until everything was gobbled up.

After EATing (Letter E), DEE (Letter D) leaned back to enjoy the day.
She saw a bird fly overhead.  Do you know what kind of bird Princess DEE (Letter D) saw? A BLUEJAY (Blue J) of course.

Princess DEE (Letter D) thought everything was perfect when all of a sudden she was attacked by a BEE (Letter B).  She jumped up and swatted at the BEE (Letter B) but the BEE (Letter B) wouldn't go away, so Princess DEE (Letter D) ran to the water and jumped into the RED SEA (Red C).

Of course, BEES (Letter B) can't swim so it flew away.  But DEE (Letter D) couldn't swim either so she yelled for help and a man came and tried to part the RED SEA (Red C) with no luck at all. He ran and got a boat to paddle out to her and, when she was safe, Princess DEE (Letter D) asked what she could do to repay the man.  The man told her not to worry because the RESCUE (Letter U) was a FREEBIE (Letter B).

DEE (Letter D) princess was very tired, so she walked back to the castle not realizing that along the way she stepped on a FROG (Frog) making her shoes all slimy.  When she got home her brother, the prince, laughed at her so she gave him a BLACK EYE (Black I) and went to bed.

4”  Purple B
4”  Red C
4”  Yellow D
4”  Red E
4”  Brown E
4”  Orange E
4”  Black I
4”  Blue J
4" Green P
4”  Pink U
4”  Grey V
4”  Green Frog
4”  Navy 8
2”  Red E
2”  Brown E
1”  Green Peas (3)

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