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Hadi Shrine Circus Tickets

  • $ 1800

Purchase your exchange tickets through

These tickets cost $18 and are to be exchanged for a $22 reserved seat.  

Tickets must be exchanged prior the Circus or at the Ford Center Box office for your reserved seat.  There are no general admission seats. 

Seat upgrades are available and this exchange ticket is worth $22 on a seat upgrade. 

Tickets can be exchanged during the month of November at the Hadi Shrine Circus Ticket Office at 6 Walnut St Evansville, IN 47708   OR  at the Ford Center Box Office 12-5pm M-F.

Tickets will be mailed unless other arrangements are made for local pickup

SHOWTIMES are as follows (doors open 1 hour prior to show starting):

Thursday Thanksgiving Day Nov 23, 5:00PM

Friday Nov 23, 9:30AM, 2:00PM and 7:00PM

Saturday Nov 24, 9:30AM, 2:00PM and 7:00PM

Sunday Nov 25, 3:00PM

Come see your favorite clown before the show!!!

Proceeds to Benefit Hadi Shriners



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