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DVD Balloon Sculpturing Vol 2

DVD Balloon Sculpturing Vol 2

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SPECIAL ORDER Balloon Sculpturing Volume 2 DVD

Entertaining With Balloon Sculpting - Volume 2 with S. Frank Stringham Expert balloon sculptor and Las Vegas performer S. Frank Stringham is ready to take your skill to the next level with some of his favorite intermediate multiple balloon figures. Besides entertaining you throughout this entire DVD he will show you the proper technique for blowing up a balloon and some of his signature techniques like making eye balls, to give your figures that extra special touch. Also S. Frank sits down with Will Roya to tell you about his career from humble beginnings to being one of the best balloon sculptors in the world over a 25 year career. You now have no excuse not to take your balloon sculpting to the next level with this easy to learn from DVD. Intro Blowing up the Balloon Transporting Balloons Eye Balls Dog Lion Skink Duck Butterfly Snail Sucker Air Guitar Bicycle Race Car Tierra Angel Wear Devil Wear Bikini Wear Conclusion Review of Twists Credits Resources Interview with S. Bikini Pictures Other Pictures Outtakes Balloon Pop Other DVDs Available

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